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Additional Teacher Tracings
(including all letter sounds)

UK Beginners Tracings

DN Plain Teacher Tracings
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Additional Free Lessons
Unit 1 Week 1 short a short 1, short e o u, short and long a_e, short and long i, short and long o

Unit 2 Week 1 words with long a, words with long e, words with long i, words with o oa ow and oe, words with long u

Unit 4 Week 1 diphthong ou,ow, words with oi and oy, words with oo,ui,ew,ue,oe, words with oo. ou, digraphs au, aw
Unit 6 Week 2 consonant +le syllables, words with vowel syllabes, words with final e syllables, vowel team syllables, words with r-controlled syllables