SchoolFonts Keyboard - AU/NZ and the SchoolFonts Global Edition are a custom keyboard that uses both lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as a simplified set of numbers and special characters in the correct school fonts for the Australian States and New Zealand. This keyboard app does not affect the font of characters displayed in the app using this keyboard - that is entirely up to that app.

'Brilliant, the children will see the letters they are learning to write on the keyboard.' Year 1 Teacher.

The keyboard has a parental gate as well as a secure Pin to lock the keyboard to one font style for classroom use and is available as a Apple Education Volume Purchase with a 50% discount.

• Settings in the App...

Font: The font to use on keys- various school writing fonts and standard fonts are available.

Case: Whether keys are shown in upper case, lower case, or this changes when the Shift key is active.

Keyboard layout: Layout of keys on the keyboard: QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY or Dvorak.

Appearance: Whether keyboard is shown light (black on white), dark (white on black), or this automatically switches based on the app using the keyboard.

Coloured keys: Whether keys are shown coloured. Colours indicate the standard fingering to be used in tapping the key.

Period shortcut: Whether typing two spaces automatically inserts a period.

Settings security: Whether access to settings is secured. By default a teacher/parent gateway is active (addition challenge), to discourage kids from changing settings. This can be turned off, or a more secure PIN used instead.

• Note: This app is designed not to receive, store or transmit any sensitive data.

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